The Best of Valentine’s Day Advertising 2013

Only a few weeks ago we saw the impact a well-timed tweet can have when Oreo seized on the Super Bowl black-out. Whilst the lights were out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome millions of sports fans from all over the world went to Twitter to vent their anger. Meanwhile, in the space of the next 34 minutes, the Oreo marketing and agency team had designed, created and delivered a tongue-in-cheek message and successfully placed itself in the largest collective conversation consuming the world at that moment in time.

Oreo's Super Bowl Tweet

Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout tweet was retweeted 10,000 times in 1 Hour according to AdAge.

Oreo showed the importance of being opportunistic, relevant and responsive and consequently showed the advertising world how simple it can be. But it can be even simpler; with a little forward-thinking any ordinary event can become a huge opportunity for brand sharpening – and that’s where Valentine’s Day comes in. Below are three of my favourite Valentine’s Day ads from 2013 – all are unbelievably simple and crucially all could have been created at any point in the last 12 months.

3. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Hovis

Full of charm and elegance this simple ad, created by JWT, most-likely triggered numerous men and women to replicate it’s design. Unfortunately, I’m guessing a fair few will have been caught out after their partners saw the ads running throughout the day.

Valentine's Day Twitter Post from Hovis

2. Lurpak, Give Her a Good Knob From Us

It may not be elegant but this ad from Lurpak is great. Tongue-in-cheek and full of character you’ll never look at Lurpak in the same way again. Officially the sexiest butter around.

Lurpak's Valentine's Day Twitter Post

1. Ikea, Happy Valentine’s Day (See You in Nine Months)

This newspaper cut-out from Ikea is brilliant and combines a little planning with 9 months worth of forward-thinking. On the assumption that relationships may have moved from one thing to another this Valentine’s Day Ikea are giving a free cot to any parents-to-be if their baby is born on the 14th November 2013.

Ikea Valentine's Day Newspaper Cut Out


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